Wild Rumpus Commissioning Project

Deadline: March 1, 2015

Wild Rumpus is a San Francisco-based new music ensemble dedicated to collaboratively developing works with emerging composers. We’re looking for submissions of portfolios for our fourth annual Commissioning Project. Selected composers will be invited to write a new piece to be premiered on a future Wild Rumpus concert during the 2016 calendar year, with a required reading session for their work-in-progress (either in person or via Skype) in the months before their deadline.

We are committed to paying composers for their work. However, selected composers must be willing to actively participate in fundraising efforts, including (but not limited to) assisting with a crowdfunding project (i.e. Kickstarter) to help raise commission fees. Our goal is to pay $750 per composer; however, please note that this is contingent upon the success of our fundraising, and is not guaranteed.


Composers who fall under at least ONE of the following categories are eligible to apply:

Application Materials

* For pieces that do not have a conventional score, a written description of the piece is acceptable.


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