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Concert: “Expressions Reflections”, 10/16/2015

Wild Rumpus presents
Friday, October 16, 2015: 8 PM
Berkeley Arts Festival
2133 University Avenue, Berkeley

Wild Rumpus presents a program of genre-bending works of chamber music expressing a wide variety of reflections on life in the 21st century. Echoes and repetition provide two threads weaving themselves throughout this program. Paula Matthusen’s The Ontology of an Echo takes field recordings made in abandoned underground tunnels in New York City and orchestrates them for chamber ensemble. We also reprise a work we commissioned in our very first season by Jenny Olivia Johnson, Reflect Reflect Respond Respond which takes its inspiration from the mythical story of Echo and Narcissus and J.S Bach’s chorale Jesu meine Freude. Composed for two sopranos and ensemble, Johnson responds to the story with music that continually echoes and doubles back on itself, with electronic processing further enhancing the effect. 

Beat Furrer’s Invocation VI from his opera Invocation makes typically idiosyncratic use of repetition. The aria for soprano and flute with brilliantly varied sonic textures looping in varying and unpredictable ways evokes St. John’s allegory of the soul’s search for God. Jürg Frey represents the Wandelweiser Group of composers from central Europe, still little known in the United States. Frey’s music is marked by its extreme stillness and quiet; despite its minimal materials, the music has a stark hypnotic beauty unlike anything else. Rounding out the program is a world premiere by up and coming composer Christopher Cresswell, part of Wild Rumpus’ continuing Commissioning Project, supporting some of the most exciting young composers on the scene today.


Christopher Cresswell: From Dreams, We Emerge (2015) World Premiere
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, electric guitar, piano, and electronics
Commissioned by Wild Rumpus

Jenny Olivia Johnson: Reflect Reflect Respond Respond (2012)
for two sopranos, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, harp, electric guitar, and piano
Commissioned by Wild Rumpus

Paula Matthusen: The Ontology of an Echo (2013)
for clarinet, percussion, piano, electric guitar, cello, double bass, and electronics

Beat Furrer: Invocation VI (2003)
for soprano and bass flute

Jürg Frey: More or Less Normal (2005-07)
for ensemble

Joanne de Mars – For the Sea (2014) World Premiere
for cello

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