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2013-2014 Season

May 3, 2014. 8 PM
Center for New Music, 55 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA


Lee Weisert: Minutiae (2014) for bass clarinet, trombone, double bass, soprano, and electronics
Eliza Brown: …in hora mortis nostrae (2014) for clarinet, electric guitar, percussion, prepared piano, double bass
J.M. Gletle: Ave Maria
Daniel Wohl: Pixelated (2010) for piano/toy piano, glockenspiel, and electronics
Asha Srinivasan: Dviraag (2009) for flute and cello
David Lang: stuttered chant (2011) for cello and percussion

February 22, 2014. 8 PM
Trinity Chamber Concerts
Trinity Chapel. 2320 Dana St. Berkeley, CA

“The Light Within”

Joshua Carro: Spectral Fields in Time (2013) (World Premiere) for piano, electric guitar, bass clarinet, trombone, double bass, percussion
Leaha Maria Villareal: Never Not (2014) (World Premiere) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, percussion, double bass, soprano
John Luther Adams: The Light Within (2007) for alto flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone/crotales, piano, violin, cello and electronics
Dan VanHassel: Ever Expanding (2013) (American Premiere) for flute, cello, percussion, and live electronics
Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (2007) for Wild Rumpus
Ryan Brown: Our Friend Adam (2005) for flute, bass clarinet, piano, electric guitar, and double bass
Salvatore Sciarrino: Let Me Die Before I Wake (1982) for clarinet solo

September 27, 2013. 8 PM
Old First Concerts
Old First Church. 1751 Sacramento St. San Francisco, CA


Toru Takemitsu: Air (1995) for flute
Yao Chen: O…What an Awakening (2012) for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
Fausto Romitelli: Trash TV Trance (2002) for electric guitar
Morton Feldman: Only (1947) for soprano
Nicolas Tzortzis: Incompatible(s) VI (2013) (World Premiere) for violin, cello, bass clarinet, and harp
Jon Deak: Metaphor (1980) for cello
Kaija Saariaho: Cendres (1998) for flute, cello, and piano

2012-2013 Season

May 11, 2013. 8 PM
Salle Pianos, 1632 C Market St, San Francisco, CA. $25 ($15 students). Glass of wine and desserts included in price!

“The World All Around”

Jeffrey Treviño: The World All Around (2013) for piano, harp, and clarinet
Dan VanHassel: Incite (2013) for electric guitar and piano
Julian Day: Father (2013) for clarinet, electric guitar, piano, violin, cello, and percussion
Ruben Naeff: Euphoria (2013) for flute, clarinet, harp, electric guitar, piano, violin, cello, and percussion
Jonathan Russell: Lament and Frippery (2013) for clarinet, harp, piano, violin, and cello


Hot Air Music Festival—March 3, 2013: 6-7 PM
San Francisco Conservatory of Music Osher Salon, FREE admission

Jen Wang: Delta (2011)
Eliza Brown: The Barely Cycle: This Time Finer (2012)
Liza White: Groove III (2011)
Alex Temple: Triggerfish (2006)
Dan VanHassel: Revealing, Unraveling (2012)


November 10, 2012: 8 PM
Community Music Center: 544 Capp Street, San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth Lim: Across the Red Sky (2012) World Premiere
Nicole Murphy: Bridge (2012) World Premiere
Andrea La Rose: Söte Stands Up (2012) World Premiere
D. Edward Davis: coo coo (2012)
Charles Halka: Por la fuerza las tierras (2010)


2011-2012 Season

June 8, 2012
ODC Dance Commons, Studio B: 351 Shotwell Street, San Francisco
Concert archive (recordings, program)

(All pieces are world premieres)
Florent Ghys: Homage to Baligh Hamdi
Nomi Epstein: Pillars and Glisses
Dan VanHassel: Revealing, Unraveling
Yao Chen: O…What an Awakening
Jenny Olivia Johnson: reflect reflect respond respond

December 10, 2011
ODC Theater: 3153 17th Street, San Francisco
Concert archive (recordings, program)

Christopher Stark: Mischief (Of One Kind and Another) (world premiere)
Nicholas S. Omiccioli: Invisible Worlds
Jen Wang: Delta (world premiere)
Takuma Itoh: Afterimage (world premiere)
Caroline Mallonée: Shadow Rings
Liza White: Groove III (West Coast premiere)
Travis Alford: Rapscalian Tendencies (world premiere)