The Only Place

Sat Jan 23 2016: Art Share, 801 E. 4th Pl., Los Angeles ($25 Seated, $15 Standing, $10 Standing (Student))
Tue Jan 26 2016: Center for New Music, 55 Taylor St., San Francisco ($15 General, $10 Student/Senior/CNM Member)

A collaboration between Wild Rumpus and Los Angeles composer collective Synchromy, featuring world premieres by Jason Barabba and Nick Norton, plus music of Dan VanHassel, Joshua Carro, and Ursula Kwong-Brown.

Composers have thrived for generations in the west coast’s creative capitals of Los Angeles and San Francisco, yet the two cities have remained oddly separated in their musical community. Synchromy and Wild Rumpus are teaming up to change that with The Only Place, a concert for both cities that celebrates music of the only place we all definitively share, our golden home state. Californians, be they northern or southern, are adventurers and thinkers, lovers and tinkerers, and the selection of works on this program represents a wide swath of what inspires our state’s musicians.


Jason Barabba – cry, trojans! (8’)
soprano, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, cello, bass

Nick Norton – Beach Song (6’)
soprano, clarinet, trombone, piano/melodica, cello, bass, percussion

Dan VanHassel – Balance of Power (6’)
bass clarinet, cello, piano, bass, percussion, guitar

Joshua Carro – Spectral Fields in Time (13’)
bass clarinet, trombone, bass, percussion, guitar, piano

Ursula Kwong-Brown – Sonnet XX (8′)

Richard Valitutto – Walk of Shame

Scott Worthington – Unphotographable